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You Should Go Do them! 

It has been a long time coming, this blog.  For years I’ve thought about the possibilities of putting my words on paper.  What could come from sharing my TRUTH…

Not sure what has taken me so long, but the time is now.  No more waiting!  All those things I’ve always wanted to do – I will no longer wait to do them!!  (readers note: I write and talk with exclamation – you’ve been warned)

It is 2017, September to be exact.  I’ve just turned 35 and simultaneously hit a turning point in my life.  For years, I’ve drug around shame, guilt and a sense of undeserving over things in my past.  Things I’ve done, things I’ve allowed and things I’ve failed to fully address head on, until this year.  They don’t call it baggage for nothing people.  Dragging around your suitcase full of the crap life has dealt you is a heavy load.  I guess I didn’t realize JUST how heavy!

The craziest part?  As much Grace and Mercy God has given me in my lifetime, I still couldn’t find enough Grace to forgive myself.  Fortunately, I believe God leads you to the people, direction and experiences you need.  For me, that path lead to a book by Lauren Handel Zander, “Maybe It’s You” along with an audio program accompaniment and a life changing group of people to walk the journey with me.  Link to program here:

In a very short 6-weeks I unpacked a suitcase I’ve been trying to empty with years of defense mechanisms, therapy and LOADS of praying!!!  The funny thing is, my Grace was there all along…I just wasn’t allowing myself to receive it.  A few weeks later, our Pastor preached a sermon on the passage below from John.

“Out of his fullness we have already received grace from a place of grace already given” John 1:16 (NIV)

It was one of those Sundays that pin you to the pew.  The kind of message that gets etched into your very being, because you know your forgiving, merciful Savior was working through Pastor, Pew and Passage to bring you a full serving of YES – I am here! YES – you are my child.  YES – move on with your life, Marjorie.  Your past does not define your relationship with me, yourself, your family or anyone else for that matter.

I am God.  You are forgiven.  Sin nor circumstance defines you.  You are loved from a place of Grace already given.

So here we are…at a beautiful turning point…ready to do all those things I’ve always wanted to do…. but never quite allowed myself the Grace to do….

A link to listen to that Sunday’s message here:

Feel free to comment below with prayer requests.  I pray you already live in a place from Grace Already Given.


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